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Everything you need to improve the speed, power and look of your bike.




Bicycle pumps, bells and bottle cage

‘The goal of the Arundel Bike Company is simple : come up with some cool bike equipment that people want to buy’


 bike tyre and valve


Tools, pumps and accessories

We believe in giving riders the freedom to express themselves without constraints. Through tireless research and innovation, we produce tools that are durable, supremely efficient and highly innovative. By doing so, we provide riders with the best possible platform to get out there and ride!


 ceramic speed


Bearings and oversized pulley wheel system - OSPW

CeramicSpeed bearings are based directly on the technology developed as part of NASA’s space program in the 1990s. Today, CeramicSpeed produces hybrid bearings, using top grade Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, which surpass traditional steel bearings in every possible way.




Q-rings, cranksets and power meters

We unleash our creativity on inventing components that help you discover new ways to turn the pedals. We manufacture from start to finish the products you install on your bike. Same as you, we live our cycling lifestyle outside of office hours, every day, on every ride


 bike training


Bike trainers, sensors, bike computer and heart rate monitors

Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that has created an ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. At Wahoo, we are dedicated not only to capturing and measuring your workout data, but also to helping you understand what it means and achieving better results.


bike helmets


Helmets and cycle glasses

KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality


 bike transport bag


Bike travel options

SCICON® offers a complete range of products to transport bicycles by air travel. Fuelled by innovative design and high-grade materials, they are as good-looking as they are reliable


 cycling gloves


Riding Gloves

Our focus is to develop the most advanced technology to create gloves that make the human hand perform even more efficiently. Our gloves not only enhance, protect and provide outstanding performance; they are designed with specific sports in mind. HIRZL gloves deliver the ultimate glove experience


 lizard skins


Bar Tape

Since 1993 Lizard Skins has created products to meet the needs and wants of cyclists around the world. With a wide variety of cycling products, from its well-known chainstays to its gripping bar tape, Lizard Skins has everything you need to make the most of your ride. Our mission is to protect the bike and rider while making the ride more enjoyable



Italian made cycle shoes

Fizik is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion; freedom for those who race against each other, race against the clock and for enthusiast cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of ‘The fire of competition’


 bike computer mounts


Bike Computer Mounts

K-EDGE was born from necessity, is driven by innovation, and delivers precision manufacturing in its quest to meet the needs of today’s cycling market. We make every product ourselves to ensure it will perform at its best and last a lifetime, whether it goes on an Olympic bike or yours. At K-EDGE, pride is on the line


 feedback sports


Tunning stands, bike trainers and storage options

Our mission is to create products that we believe in, while forging long-lasting relationships with our customers and the cycling community. Our passion for cycling continuously motivates us to develop new and innovative products. The name “Feedback Sports” comes from an engineer’s use of feedback loops and cycles to improve and stabilize systems. This is the goal of our company and our products… using Feedback for improvement


 swiss stop brake pads


Brake Pads

Technical items of rubber, thermoplastics and a variety of elastic materials are produced and sold by the company. We offer our customer support through product knowledge and service.Our sales network covers the entire globe.


 bike wheels


Carbon Bike Wheels

The revolutionary Knight TLA’s have been designed from the ground up, breaking boundaries and changing conceptions of how people have previously seen tubeless wheels/tires. For the first time, the huge benefits of tubeless tires combined with fast, light, carbon wheels are available to riders who previously thought that tubeless technology was too complicated or required special equipment


 michelin tires


Cycle Tires

More faster and further with the same effort. A 10 watt gain per pair of tires, which means 1 minute and 25 seconds faster over 40 km riding at 35 km/h thanks to the new Race Compound derived from MotoGP™ technology


Koo - italain designed cycling glasses


Italian Designed Cycling Glasses

Founded in 2016, KOO is a new brand of high performance products developed by KASK. Completely Made in Italy, KOO’s mission is to offer highly distinctive, technically advanced products with a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety and an attractive design